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Piaggio Zip Special Editions for Women

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Piaggio Zip Special Editions for Women


The most beloved scooter in the world is now enhanced with a version dedicated to female riders.

The new Zip Special White will be available in the quick and ecological 50, 2 or 4 stroke, engine versions.

Zip is one of the great successes from Piaggio. An authentic reference point in the compact scooter segment, Zip is an extraordinarily well known and widespread product all over Europe and the world, both among young people and adults.

The brilliance of the two or four stroke engines enhances the quickness and agility which have made it a success. Zip is a true “city creature”, extremely effective at moving through urban traffic and historical city centres. Fun and easy, a young and modern line, built for solidity and reliability: these are the secrets of a timeless success.


The modern nature of the Zip design, characterised by simple and essential lines and balance of volumes, maintains a marked Piaggio “family feeling”.

The front end is immediately recognisable thanks totwo “cuts” in which the daylight running lights and the turn indicators are inserted, the upper grille and the handlebar cover strongly characterised by the transparent “teardrop” which holds the powerful headlamp and the instrument panel, equipped with circular instruments and warning lights. Even the rear light assemblies are inserted into the upper profile of the sides.

Large and comfortable for both rider and passenger, the Zip’s saddle hides a spacious compartment for a flip up helmet and can be easily positioned at three different heights, with an innovative “flexible” ergonomic solution The handlebar controls, accessible and intuitive, are an integral part of the comfort and riding pleasure, as well as being functional thanks in part to the turn signal indicator automatic return feature. On the shield back, a practical locking glove compartment allows the rider to easily and safely store everyday documents and objects. Zip is also equipped with an extremely practical bag hook.

A Zip… for women

From the time the Zip was born, it has been particularly appreciated by female riders. Its lightness, the reduced seat height, the incomparable ease of handling have always made it the darling of the pink riders, especially the younger ones.

The new Zip Special White is intended as a homage to the female world, with an innovative style to the taste of teenagers. The Zip Special White graphics, with the coloured and feminine touch, enhance the concept of a modern and stylish scooter



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