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Piaggio PMP for X10 iPhone app

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Piaggio PMP for X10 iPhone app

I have been playing with the new Piaggio iphone app which at the moment is made and based around the new X10 maxi scooter. It’s called the “Piaggio PMP” and what it is, is … You mount you iPhone/iPod to the dash board of the scooter and it gives you features you never thought you would see on a scooter! I’ll put a few pictures on and an explanation of what each one is…

The home page, which has the following features… Dashboard, navi, trip, check and user manual.we click on one of these and let’s see what it does…

Dashboard, this looks like the dash of the bike but broken down into 5 different modes. The first is the tyre in the middle which tells us if your tyre pressures are low! Impressed? Let’s move on. The clock on both left and right are broken into two (big clock and little clock) basically you have two ways of reading the values, in the large clock or the small clock. And what They read is the following…. Instant speed, average speed, battery voltage, RPM, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, rear wheel thrust, longitudinal acceleration, engine power and engine torque. Each time you click on it, it changes till you happy with the combination which is more than enough parameters on the bike 🙂

Next we ave the Navi, quite simple really it’s just a simple sat nav based on google maps but with a few extra features! Petrol station locations, dealer locations and parking locations.

Next is the Trip computer which gives you quite normal, average speed, max speed, average MPG, trip, lean angle (this one for all you Max Biaggi wannabes!)

Next we have check, this is what we kind of see if there is an engine management issue.

And finally we have… We then have user manual! I’m sure you know what this is but you don’t have to carry a massive book around with you.

I am really looking forward to having a good play with this feature and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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