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New Vespa LX 3V

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New Vespa LX 3V



Vespa is attractive not only for its refinement in technological choices, but also for the passion and excitement that it conveys. On the new Vespa LX 3V the shape of the body favours pleasantly sober sections, definitely elegant and unquestionably “Vespa”. Vespa LX is reminiscent of the stylistic themes established by modern lines, moulded into the most classic Vespa tradition, enriched with new design ideas that highlight the heritage of the brand. The Piaggio Style Centre focused particularly on the “tie”, that is, the central, embossed cover that runs from the handlebar until it grazes the mudguard, which has by now become the Vespa’s refined distinguishing feature. This gives the front a modern look, at the same time abandoning a few of the rounded shapes from the predecessor, all to the advantage of decisively more modern lines. In this context the chromium mask that conceals the horn is the final touch of class, confirmed by the ever present crest, also chromium plated, fixed on the mudguard, elements that are explicitly inspired by the historic Vespa models.

The front mudguard follows more decisive lines and covers the 11 inch tyres, which shod an elegant 5 spoke aluminium wheel rim. The upper part of the shield, large and protective, is characterised by the mask that englobes the round headlight, another feature which is clearly reminiscent of the history making Vespa models. On the side, the steel mirrors were designed to give the rider the best possible view, but without spoiling style and finish. Another touch of class is provided by the handgrips which bear the Vespa logo. The numerous chromium parts which adorn the front of the vehicle are taken from others on the rear, such as the headlight frame and the stylish passenger handgrips.

Particular attention to detail was given to the finishings in the instrument panel with its revamped graphics which provide higher visibility in any lighting conditions. The large Vespa LX 125 and 150 3V instrument panel includes a speedometer and odometer, the fuel level indicator, digital clock and a series of service warning lights such as direction indicators, low and high beams, fuel reserve and engine oil level, as well as lubricant. The Vespa LX 125 and 150 3V come standard with the immobilizer anti-theft system which is indicated by the LED in the instrument panel.

In the Vespa LX leg shield back plate there is a functional glove box, extremely handy for daily use to store small objects like rain gear, sunglasses or gloves. The load capacity is also ensured by the large helmet compartment which can accommodate a helmet, as well as the bag hook, indispensable for taking full advantage of the large footboard. Another distinctive feature of the new Vespa LX lies precisely here – in the footboard: the centre protection in plastic has been embellished by the Vespa logo, a widely followed custom in the four wheel world.

The success of Vespa has also been determined by the perfect balance between the front and rear volumes, where the large footboard plays a deciding role as a joining element between the shield and the body panels that conceal the engine. Particular care was given to the realisation of the saddle, with respect both to style and practicality. From the first point of view, the popular material used for the covering and the particular stitching make it a true and proper design article. The foam selected for the padding and the anti-slip covering combine with one of the lowest heights off the ground (775 mm for the LX 50 and 785 mm for the LX 125 and 150), a feature that relaunch the on board comfort of a vehicle which is famous for perfect ergonomics for a rider and passenger of any stature.

Chassis architecture: the only solution of its kind in the world

A peculiar and indispensable characteristic of the Vespa has always been the steel support structure, which acts as a solid and sturdy chassis. This is a construction tradition which is unique, precious and refined, realised with cutting-edge industrial process. It is a high quality technical choice which has the privilege of making the Vespa sturdy, practically indestructible, at the same time providing stability and riding precision.

The front suspension is one of Vespa’s most original elements. Although boasting aeronautic origins, it was initially introduced to make changing the front tyre immediate in case of a flat. Thanks to the numerous and constant advancements over time, the single side arm equipped with a dual action shock absorber has become an effective solution to make the ride even more comfortable. On the Vespa LX 3V the movement of the swinging arm is structured on roller boxes that reduce operating friction to a minimum.

In the most classic of traditions, the rear suspension on the Vespa LX 3V is made up of a dual action spring shock absorber with 4-setting adjustable preload in order to better adapt the dampening characteristics depending on the load and the rider’s preferences.

The wheel rims are made from aluminium and boast a refined, five spoke design: the 11” front is shod with an 110/70 tyre, while the 10” rear takes a 120/70, both tubeless. To make the Vespa LX 3V safe in any conditions, the braking system uses a 200 metre diameter disc on the front and a 110 mm drum on the rear, which is both powerful and can be modulated, also well suited for entry level riders.

The new Vespa LX range consists in 4 models: the 125 3V, the 150 3V and two 50 cc engines, one 2-stroke and the other a 4 valve 4-stroke, both air cooled.

The colour range offers (for all models) five different schemes: Nero Vulcano, Montebianco, Rosso Dragon, Blu Midnight, Verde Portovenere. The same technical features of the Vespa LX are found unchanged on the special, more protective series suited for out of city travel, called the Touring version, available in the Marrone Terra di Toscana colour scheme.


A rich dedicated range of accessories

  • Top box: colour      coded to match the vehicle and bearing an embossed Vespa logo, it has a      capacity of 32 litres.
  • Top box internal bag: made      from high quality leather and heavy weaved cotton.
  • Top box backrest: a useful      accessory to guarantee maximum comfort for the passenger. Available to      match the standard saddle and the optional leather saddle.
  • Windscreen: made      from 4 mm thick anti-theft and scratch proof methacrylate.
  • Chromium plating: various      chromium plated accessories such as the front and rear luggage rack,      perimeter body guards and front mudguard protectors. All embellished with      a laser inscribed Vespa logo.
  • Top fairing: an extra      touch of elegance and sportiness, with transparent or tinted glass.
  • Floor mat: useful      to protect the footboard and to ensure maximum grip in any conditions.
  • Vehicle cover: an      indispensable accessory to protect your Vespa when it is not in use.
  • Genuine leather saddle: hand      made from high quality materials, it is available in dark red or tobacco.
  • Handgrips: made      from billet aluminium and covered in eco-leather, they are available in      red, black and brown.
  • Leg cover:      practical and quick to install, this provides excellent protection from      cold temperatures and inclement weather. It comes with a saddle cover and      built in anti-theft.
  • Electronic anti-theft system: the      maximum in theft prevention. It has dedicated cabling.
  • Mechanical anti-theft system: a      practical system that locks the handlebar, convenient because it does not      require the rider to bend over in order to activate it and clean because      it is not inserted in the wheels. when not in use, it remains between the      saddle and the footrest (it does not take up space under the saddle).


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