One left for £2500 then RRP £2800

The exclusive Piaggio 1 Feng Chen Wang is available along with the dedicated helmet and Feng Chen Wang for Piaggio fashion collection.
Feng Chen Wang. Feng Chen Wang was born in Fujian, a province in southeastern China. From there she travelled to London where, in the space of a few years, she established herself as a cutting-edge stylist, part of a new generation of fashion talent. Her work sees her pursue a style that is conceptual, distinctive and functional, based on aesthetic values that draw from her Chinese roots and experiences. Nominated for the LVMH prize in 2016, she has collaborated with iconic brands such as Nike, Converse, UGG, and Levi’s.

The Piaggio 1, a new generation of E-Scooters that enables you to experience the city without emissions, but with all the quality, technology and safety that Piaggio scooters are renowned for. This new scooter from Piaggio offers all the typical components that you would expect from a premium scooter: attractive design and attention to detail, refined chassis, handling and a generous load capacity. It is a new and exciting way to make a difference, it is a silent scooter with a removable battery, making your commute easier and 100% electric.

Piaggio 1 is user friendly in every way. Starting with the ignition which has a  keyless system, meaning that it doesn’t require a traditional key and can be started using the practical remote control. To start, simply press the MAP button on the right side of the handlebar and select one of the two driving modes: ECO or Sport. The ECO mode, aimed at saving energy, offers greater range, speed limited to 19 mph and more progressive acceleration. Sport, on the other hand, is the mode where all the engine power is used for an even more thrilling experience.

Piaggio 1 recharging operations are simple and easy to undertake. For all versions the battery is removable in seconds and easily transportable to enable recharge at home or in the office. Version 1 is equipped with a battery which has a capacity of 1.4 kWh and a weight of 10 kg. The batteries do not require maintenance or special precautions and to recharge them you just use the charger supplied with the vehicle which plugs into any 3 pin household socket.

The scooter is powered by an electric hub motor developed by Piaggio. It is integrated into the rear wheel hub which makes the vehicle leaner and more compact. The 1 Active is equipped with an electric motor that delivers a continuous power of 2 kW. Thanks to the vehicles lightness, the modern lithium-ion battery and energy recovery during deceleration, all versions of Piaggio 1 guarantee excellent autonomy.

Piaggio 1 is covered by a 24 month warranty and 36 months on motor and battery, this is extendable to 48 months and 60 months respectively.

*Price quoted is after the OZEV grant has been applied.

Engine Size: 80
Colour: FCW Special Colour