Born for exploring, the Tuareg 660 is designed to withstand the toughest off-road riding while guaranteeing touring comfort and riding pleasure. With an outstanding weight/power ratio, excellent off-road performance, extraordinary chassis features on asphalt and best-in-class electronics, Tuareg raises the bar in the adventure category

The 660 platform represents the start of a new era for Aprilia. One defined by lightweight and high-performance motorcycles with an attractive design and unique, unequivocally premium technological content. Following the RS 660 and Tuono 660, this is a true off-road bike, bearing a name that was introduced by Aprilia in 1985 and subsequently became legendary.

Tuareg 660, an off-road bike par excellence, is also exceptional on the road and on even the longest and most adventurous trips. It was designed, developed and built to be the best combination of single-cylinder enduro bikes and medium-engine capacity adventure bikes. Two opposing worlds – until now.

The result of a search for balance between form and technological features, every part that didn’t have a specific function was removed. This led to a lightweight, agile bike coming in at only 204kg (kerb weight). That said, the chassis architecture raises the bar once again with a truly solid frame that will support loads of up to 210kg – meeting any cargo needs. In spite of the fuel tank’s outstanding 18 litre capacity, it is extremely slender where the rider’s legs come into contact with the bike, reinforcing the Tuareg’s careful balance between utility and agile design.

Always at the cutting edge of the electronics field, Aprilia currently boasts the APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) electronic controls package, considered by customers and critics to be among the most effective and advanced available.

The APRC package on Tuareg 660, developed specifically for this model, includes:

  • ATC: Aprilia Traction Control, traction control that can be adjusted to 4 levels or disabled, characterised by finely tuned and high-performance logic and operation.
  • ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control, to maintain the set speed without touching the throttle control, extremely handy when travelling.
  • AEB: Aprilia Engine Brake, system to control engine braking when closing the throttle. adjustable to 3 levels.
  • AEM: Aprilia Engine Map, 3 different mappings available to change the character of the engine and the way it delivers power. This does not change the maximum power delivered.

The vast catalogue of accessories dedicated to Tuareg 660 also includes AQS: Aprilia Quick Shift, and it is equipped with the downshift function, to allow for clutchless downshifting.

There are four Riding Modes specifically designed for this bike. All the rider has to do is choose the one that best fits their needs in order to obtain the ideal settings for traction control, engine brake, ABS and all the other managed parameters. The modes are Urban (everyday riding), Explore (thrilling on-road rides), Offroad (specifically for off-road rides), and Individual (customised by the rider). The 5-inch colour digital TFT instrument cluster provides a perfect display of the various parameters.Aprilia MIA, the Aprilia multimedia platform, lets you connect your smartphone to the bike, further extending instrument cluster functions. The Aprilia MIA system provides a connection protocol thatreduces smartphone battery consumption to a minimum and includes both the infotainment system to manage the voice assistant, telephone calls, and music using the handlebar controls, and the satnavfeature, with the option of viewing the directions directly on the instrument panel. The Aprilia MIA app also allows the rider to save completed trips and analyse the data acquired directly in the app using the geo-referenced telemetry function.

The ultra modern 660 twin-cylinder, the base of the new Aprilia family, was designed to equip a range of bikes intended for various uses: versatility was one of the design goals, along with performance and reduced weight. The version used in the Tuareg has a number of changes and updates to perform better than ever and is specifically designed for this bike alone. The performance achieved in this way is actually higher than that of larger capacity engines: maximum power output is 80 HP at 9,250 rpm; the maximum torque of 70 Nm is provided at significantly lower revs than it is on the RS 660.

Aprilia Tuareg 660’s power can be reduced to 35 kW, ideal for new drivers but with all other technical features unchanged.

The range of Aprilia Tuareg 660 colours includes:

Acid Gold, which best highlights the Tuareg’s innovative design.

Martian Red, with overarching tones of black and red, part of Aprilia’s sporting heritage.

Indaco Tagelmust is the most iconic, inspired by the colour scheme of the 1988 Tuareg Wind 600.

Also available for the Aprilia Tuareg 660 will be a complete range of original accessories to improve performance, comfort and functionality, as well as an original line of quality apparel, explicitly dedicated to touring and off-roading.

Engine Size: 660
Colour: Acid Gold / Martian Red