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It’s back!!! The Gilera Fuoco 500, this time it’s an LT (trike)

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It’s back!!! The Gilera Fuoco 500, this time it’s an LT (trike)



The most powerful and sporty three-wheeler is now also available on the LT version which can be ridden with an ordinary car driver’s license (B class). The other technical features of this one of a kind model remain unchanged, as does the exceptional performance of its powerful 40 HP single cylinder engine.

Gilera Fuoco 500 i.e. is the only three-wheeler in the segment that manages to combine the safety of its innovative articulated quadrilateral front suspension (patented by the Piaggio Group), the performance of a 40 HP single cylinder engine and the originality of an extremely sporty shape with an imposing and unmistakable personality. All this comes with the added value of the Gilera brand name, one of the most well known and victorious Italian motorcycle brands in the world. Rich with technical features and unmatched aesthetics, for 2013 the Gilera Fuoco is available in the LT version (acronym for Large Tread), which stands out for a few characteristics such as the front track, taken to 465 mm and its integral braking, which can be applied using the pedal on the footrest. This is a peculiarity that allows the Gilera Fuoco 500 i.e. LT to be ridden even with an ordinary car driver’s license (B class).



Innovative, personal and in a league of its own: its look is the first introduction to the Gilera Fuoco, with strong lines without compromise that express strength and character. Essential and original, the front shield is characterised by strongly distinctive traits, enhanced by the presence of the dual 12 inch wheels and the extended steel tubular guard. The scarce use of plastics leaves all the beauty of the original front suspension technology on display, while the five element headlight assembly, with the two larger ones equipped with protective grilles derived from the off road world, perfectly matches the tapered black top fairing and the motorcycle style handlebar. The taut lines also characterise the tail fairing where the particular tubular structure recalls the front design, acting as luggage rack as well as a solid grab handle for the passenger. Fuoco 500 i.e. LT also has a license plate bracket with a completely new shape. It is available in two colour schemes: the more sporty black and the more sober grey, both opaque. There is a vast catalogue of original accessories made specifically for the new three wheeled Gilera.



The exceptional characteristics of safety, road holding and fun wrapped up in the patented innovative front suspension are expressed to the maximum in the Gilera Fuoco 500 i.e. LT. The sophisticated articulated parallelogram system that has a roll mechanism comprised of four cast aluminium arms, articulated on as many solid hinges at the central headstock and two lateral headstocks connected to the suspension arms with pins and ball bearings, allows the Gilera Fuoco 500 i.e. LT to be driven like a normal two wheeled vehicle, but with all the solidity and safety that only the dual front wheel can guarantee.
Thanks to the electro-hydraulic locking system of the front suspension, Fuoco 500 is capable of supporting itself even without lowering the centre stand. This allows for easy parking in any position, also eliminating the need to put your feet on the ground while waiting at a stop light. Two wheels up front to dominate the road in any condition, to provide the fun and enjoyment of motorcycle leans in absolute road holding safety that no other traditional scooter can provide. Safety which is increased by a braking system with three 240 mm discs. The Fuoco 500 i.e. LT version has an integrated braking system which can be applied using the brake pedal which allows Fuoco 500 i.e. LT, thanks to front track taken to 465 mm, to be ridden with an ordinary class B driver’s license.



Keeping pace with the best bikes on curvy roads, enjoying a pleasant ride even with the asphalt conditions are not the best and getting a launching head start from a standing start when riding in the city: these are luxuries that only the Gilera Fuoco 500 i.e. can provide. The Master 500 engine that equips the Fuoco 500 i.e. LT is a true and proper excitement generator: it is a 492 cc double ignition single cylinder with 4 valve distribution, electronic fuel injection and liquid cooling system. It develops a maximum power of 40 HP at 7,250 rpm and its maximum torque is more than 46,5 Nm at 5,250 rpm. The introduction of a twin spark plug system optimises combustion in the cylinder, reducing both noise and exhaust emissions. The result is an elastic and high performance engine, with high torque at medium and low revs which allows the Fuoco 500 to reach a maximum speed of about 150 kph in full compliance with the last emission regulations, thanks to its “closed loop” injection system equipped with an oxygen sensor at the exhaust.

Gilera Fuoco 500 i.e. LT – Technical specifications

Piaggio MASTER single-cylinder 4-stroke, dual spark
Engine capacity
492,7 cc
Bore x stroke
94 mm x 71 mm
40 HP (28,11 KW) at 7.250 rpm
46,5 Nm at 5.250 rpm
Timing system
Single overhead camshaft – SOHC – 4 valves
Fuel system
Electronic injection
Wet sump
Electric with oil-bath free wheel
Twist-and-go CVT with torque server
Automatic, centrifugal dry clutch
Double cradle in high strength tubular steel
Front Suspension
Articulated quadrilateral consisting of four aluminium arms sustaining two steering tubes – Wheel travel: 85 mm
Rear suspension
Twin hydraulic shock absorbers with preload adjuster – Stroke: 110 mm
Front brake
Double 240 mm Ø disc
Rear brake
240 mm Ø single disc
Front wheel rim
Aluminium alloy 3.00×12”
Rear wheel rim
Aluminium alloy 4.50×14”
Front tyre
Tubeless 120/70-12”
Rear tyre
Tubeless 140/70-14”
2.245 mm / 790 mm
1,550 mm
Seat height
785 mm
Fuel tank capacity
12 litres (1,8 res.)

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