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Datatool Authorised Security Supplier/ Fitter


CD Scooters stock, sell and fit Datatool alarms, immobilisers and Trackers. Datatool, part of the Scorpion group, have been making these units in the UK For over 40 years, so know there stuff and you should be assured you are not getting a cheap made product for top money.

Alarms: You want an alarm when it’s going to warm you (when you hear an alarm, do you wanna find out who’s nicking someone else’s pride and joy? Probably not, you’re probably thinking “what a racket!” If you are not near the bike of parking the bike around the corner this an alarm may not be for you. Alarms start at £89.99 and as little as £30 to fit.


Immobiliers: Most bikes and scooters are fitted with these but you can still fit another one for extra security. Only £49.99 it’s a great way of giving you an extra peace of mind.


Trackers: Datatool TrakKING is a GPS/GSM based tracking and theft recovery service designed to first alert you via SMS text message of a potential theft and then to provide a method of tracking and promptly recovering the bike or scooter if a theft does occur.

TrakKING activates automatically as soon as the vehicle ignition is switched off and monitors the vehicle for signs of unauthorised movement.

At the first sign of movement TrakKING will send an SMS text message to the customer advising the bike is moving. If the movement continues and the bike is moved away from where it was parked, TrakKING will enter full alert mode and notification will be sent to the dedicated 24/7/365 Vehicle Monitoring Team.

In the event of a suspected theft, the Vehicle Monitoring Team will contact the owner immediately and if a theft is confirmed, will liaise with the Police on the owner’s behalf to aid recovery. Thanks to the instant notification of theft, recovery of the stolen bike is far more likely than when a theft is reported several hours after the event. These trackers are as little as £179.99 with fitting from £30.


Data Tag: This state of the art technology is virtually invisible to the naked eye. In addition to this the all new kit for scooters continues with further layers of security to include Datatag Datadots with forensic chemical DNA called Datatag DNA, an invisible solution within the adhesive of the Datadots – any would be criminal now faces the daunting task of having to remove every last molecule of Datatag DNA to be completely confident that the scooter or parts can not be traced back to the true registered keeper.



CD Scooters also sell lots of other locking components to keep your scooter/ motorcycle saga and sound. Any advise wanted then please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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